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Our Magnificent House was built in 1839 for  Colonel William L. Wynn, a prominent Methodist minister of the Columbus area. Colonel Wynn was active in local government, educational, social and religious affairs. He served as a representative to the State Legislature in 1832 and was a co-founder of the Wynnton Academies.

In 1852 the property was sold to Henry Hurt, a bachelor who had planned to live in the house following his marriage, but after adding some marble mantles and other ornamentation he sold it in 1855. The next owner, Mr. Hines Holt, was a prominent Georgia congressman and attorney.  During the Civil War, his ownership saved the home from the Union Army captain sent to burn the homes in this area.  The home remained in the Holt family for 50 years.

In 1905, Mr. J. T. (Tom) Cooper purchased the house and moved the structure closer to Wynnton Road so the land behind the house could be subdivided.  Local legend supports that the house was positioned a little too close to Wynnton Road when the mule team moving the house was left unattended at lunchtime!

In 1932 the house was bought and completely restored by Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Butler. The historic structure became the home of the Christian Fellowship Association in 1958 when James Woodruff bought the home. Many local children enjoyed swimming, dancing, and art lessons at the home while their mothers volunteered with the CFA. 

Today this magnificent house is operated as The Wynn House. The Wynn House and its beautiful grounds have been the site of many lovely events including The Heritage Ball.  Being a member of The Wynn House entitles you to host your own events such as weddings, receptions, luncheons, parties, meetings, and other special occasions.  We provide food service for any of these events.



1240 Wynnton Road
Columbus, GA 31906



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